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Claire Lowen, Web & Graphic Design Professional, South Africa

When I first started ImaginAttic, I hopped onto the interwebs to seek out as much information as possible on planning your business and all the things required. There is a plethora of knowledge out there and all of it helped me get going…but… What I struggled to find was how to get MY business, with my vibes going.

I am a soul vibing kind of woman and although it’s all great and dandy to “investigate your competition”, “see what everyone else is doing”, “write up a business plan” etc. it just did not feel light to me at all! It took me years to finally come to where I am right now, and part of the year-long struggles was with trying to acquiesce with the old paradigm of force, and what business is supposed to be… what professional is supposed to be.

Well, now I am saying buggar that! What is my business for me?! And the kind of soulful people I would like to work with!


If this sounds like you…Keep reading!


This is the process I went through to recreate my business into something I feel chuffed with, it feels light, fun, and creative. More like me and the kind of energy I want to spread around the world.

So without further ado!

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, have some paper or your journal, and ask for guidance and inner wisdom to be brought forward as you follow the below:

Girl planning website at desk with pen in hand writing in notebook

coffee 2 icon Planning your business Step 1

And this may be the hardest step of all… Writing down “What are you about?”

This is taking a moment to get honest with yourself. What is it that you want to be? Embody? Feel? Experience? What do you feel is your purpose? What lights you up?

When I answered these question, I wrote quite a bit, which I’ll share on my personal blog one of these days, but what it boiled down to is I’m about authenticity, fun, tossing out the “Should’s”, and guiding others so they won’t have to struggle as much as I did.

You may wonder what this has to do with your business but keep going, we are getting there.

book icon Step 2

Think about your business. Grab a piece of paper or your journal and write down your business name and start to brainstorm. What is it that your business is about, what are you wanting to do, Experience, embody, be? Imagine you are creating your business as a persona. So, there will be elements of you in your business, but it’ll also be a bit different, embodying what you will be doing/offering.

Tap into the kind of energy you want/feel your business is about and what it is you hope to experience through your business…

This is the kind of thing I wrote down:

Balance, Masculine & Feminine, Moon – lighting the way in the dark, informative, connection, Authentic.

Wealth, Value, Expansion, Balance & Growth for clients and I.

Help others grow their businesses, share ideas, and guidance.

Then write down what your services are, why you are offering them, heck, what is your motivation behind starting your business?

hands icon Step 3

Now tap into the energy of your clients. This is an important part of planning your business. Who would you like to work with? What kind of people are they, what are their values, what are they looking for?

This is a great exercise to get clear on what you do require and then go after it relentlessly. If a client does not match up to what you desire…dare to say NO!

Another example from me!

My clients are looking for authentic representation and guidance, moving into the new paradigm of ease, abundance and flow. They value me and my expertise, our energy flows easily, love and appreciate me and my work, we respect each other, we communicate clearly with understanding. My clients know the value of having great design work/websites, and appreciate how much work I put in.

When planning your business journal exert with drawings

people icon Step 4

Now ask your guides what is your mission statement? Your vision? Your Values? These are typical things to have in a business but really it’s a great tool to remind yourself what your business is around for. Also, your guides might surprise you, as they surprised me! I thought I was doing this to help other Solopreneurs and SMEs thrive online, and this is true, but my guides also reminded me how much I love helping others thrive in general and that the websites and graphics are tools but my main purpose is to guide. That was an amazing discovery for me!

What’s your discovery?

It’s brilliant to have something to refer back to whenever you need a refresher or just want to get into the energy of your business so…

people icon Step 5

Look at everything you have written for planning your business. And rewrite it into a document you can keep coming back to, to remind you about what your business focus is. Keep this for other exercises on this site as this is just the beginning. This document can help you create your logo and branding, be pulled through to your website, help you focus on what your social posts will be for your business and so much more.

If you have any questions or require assistance please give me a shout!

Keep an eye out on the resources page for the Business Persona Template

Till next time!

Love and light

xx C xx

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